Choose clothes, according to your body shape:

Anshu Jha

Often Girls are worried about their body shape. They feel that they will not look stylish until their body shape is perfect.

If you think like that, then stop. When it comes to clothes, the size of your body doesn’t matter. It matters which fitting clothes you wear. No matter how your body shape is, if you wear the right and stylish clothes in a perfect way, then your confidence increases and you look beautiful.

every girl has their own shape and you should proud of that and don’t feel regret.

Apple-shaped body outfits:

You should wear clothes that do not cling to your waistline. If you wear a top sticking to the waistline, then your upper part will look very heavy, which will not look good.

Try this type of clothes,

Oval Shape Body outfit:

You should wear a formal jacket as it will give your shoulder a good shape. Wear square top and neck shaped tops and kurtas. Wear tops and kurtas that surround the hips or loose on the hips. Do not wear any outfit by tucking in or else your whole body will look chubby.

Try this fashion for rectangle body shape:

Those with such shape can wear an A-line skirt, ruffled and layered top. Sleeveless, strapless and sweetheart lines will be liked by such people. Try blazers, long jackets and caps to make your style more attractive.

Image result for rectangle body shape female indian model

Try this fashion for peer shape body

Dresses like patterned wide-legged pants (wide pants), A-line skirts and ruffled touches look better on such bodied shapes. These give a better shape to the upper part of the body and you look beautiful. If you want to show your body shape like Hourglass, then wear skinny jeans with a loose top.

Image result for pear shaped body

For straight body shape :

Image result for straight shaped body

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