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An office party is a time when you get a chance to know your colleagues better. During this time, you meet people from other departments, who gives you a chance to meet them. This time is perfect for you to leave a good impression. However, certain office fashion related mistakes can be overwhelming to you.

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Take the office party seriously too. Not only your colleagues in the office but also your boss is also involved. In such a way, wearing jeans and T-shirts can give the impression that you have come from the party in disrepute. It will not make a good impact on your image.

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The clothes are fabulous, but if you forget to clean shoes then all the effort will be done. Do not think whose attention will be on the shoes. In a study, it has been mentioned that according to your shoes are clean or in the mind of the front, you get a good or bad image.

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Girls in the movies will also be seen in Deep Nek dress in the movies, but do not forget to try it in real life. Guess Deep Nek Dress will show you sexy but will not leave a good impression on people.

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Do not forget to iron the clothes anytime soon. If you wear rinkles, then you will be the victim of criticism and you will become the laughable characters. In such a case, do not go without wearing iron.

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