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Anshu jha

Hello Girls, Today my topic is your favorite part of fashion which you never forget when you guys are going anywhere, yes I am talking about your favourite part of your fashionable life “Bags” . So Girls The new selection of bags are coming in fashion. A big and functional bag approved by the fashion fraternity is like every girls dream come true. so am going to tell you your five fashionable bags which you can carry this and become more fashionable,

Here are those 5 stylish bags :

fringe Bag:

Image result for fringe bag

Beaded bag:

Image result for beaded bag

Micro bags:

Image result for micro bag

Most celebrities will be caring this bag. Although it may not be too practical.

It looks good with a formal dress. this is Perfect for the post-work time. This mini bag Trend has also given a motion to multiple bag trends.

Clear handbag:

Related image

Since the PVC bags are being shown by TV channels,Since then, the brand has been working on them. Now this trend has reached the fashion trends. What makes it interesting than the look is what you keep inside this.

Bucket Bag:

Related image

You can also take a bucket bag in work, lunch or weekend travel.

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